Our team of specialists work together to deliver projects from end to end, focusing on what really matters. Here’s a little more about what we do.

We're on Marketplace

Chrometoaster is an approved supplier on Marketplace for Consultancy and Professional Services for the Digital Experience Professional Services Catalogue.

We are available to offer the following services to Government agencies and organisations:

  • Information Architecture
  • Content Design
  • User Insight
  • Analytics and Search Engine Optimisation
  • Visual Design
  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development
  • DXS Project Management Services

Common Web Services Panel

Chrometoaster is proud to be included on the New Zealand Government Common Web Services Panel. We have in-depth information architecture, UX and visual design expertise, coupled with experienced open-source development capability for large-scale SilverStripe and CWP websites and apps. Our goal is to create high-value products that deliver long term business value.

User insight · Content design · Information architecture · Analytics and SEO · Visual design· Front-end development · Back-end development · Native App development

Strategy and planning

Now more than ever, businesses are being transformed by new technologies. Chrometoaster calls upon a wealth of experience to help organisations adapt and thrive in this rapidly changing environment.

Customer insight · Online strategy · Technology strategy · Requirements definition · Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) · Analytics strategy · Social media strategy

Brand development

Creating and maintaining a successful brand takes careful consideration and considerable effort. Chrometoaster will work with you to develop a unique, values-driven brand that will be effective across all channels.

Brand strategy · Brand identity design · Brand guideline creation

User experience design

The integrity of your brand's reputation is built on with each and every user interaction. Cohesion between online and offline experiences is essential. With this understanding, Chrometoaster takes a holistic approach to improve your customers' user experience.

Content analysis · Audience analysis and profiling · Information architecture (IA) and prototyping · Experience analytics · Web design · Usability testing, reporting and analysis · Accessibility standards (e-Government) · Social media strategy implementation

Content design

Creating and delivering valuable content in an intuitive way is key to all developments regardless of their scale. Chrometoaster takes a ‘content-first’ approach, meaning that we first consider what the substance of the content is and how it should be structured, then find the best way to deliver it through sustainable content strategies.

Content strategy · Content modelling and metadata · Taxonomies · Content styling and guides · Content governance · Content lifecycle · Bilingual writing, plain English and Te Reo Māori

Technology and delivery

Taking a user-centric approach is essential to creating intuitive experiences. Chrometoaster blends creativity and technology to create high value and lasting products. Whether it’s creating a bespoke development or integrating existing technologies, we adapt our approach to the each projects individual requirements.

Front and back-end development · Performance and accessibility · Open source technologies · SilverStripe CMS · Common Web Platform and SilverStripe Platform · Drupal · WordPress · API development · Mobile devices · Apple registered iPhone App developer · Android application development

Web video and audiovisual production

Paired with great storytelling, content is an integral form of any communication strategy. Chrometoaster offers a full range of creative and video production capabilities, scaled to meet the requirements of each individual project.

Professionally produced short or long form HD video · Educational & health resources · Animation & visual effects · Interactive video installations · Voiceover & audio production · Content development, scripting & casting · Production management · Integration of video into web-based applications & mobile devices 

Print design

Ensuring that you’re communicating with your audience in a cohesive way across mediums is essential. Chrometoaster’s team of designers are experienced in all aspects of print, from initial concepts through development to managing the production of finished product.

Graphic design · Art direction · Production management