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Bluebridge kids material

Strait Shipping

Primarily a freight company, and as the smaller of two in the inter-island ferry market, Bluebridge often punched above its ‘underdog’ status—in particular with their customer offering. However their brand and marketing material was trying to emulate the competition—rather reflect what was special about their own business.

With our help, Bluebridge decided to change tack and fully embrace the more ‘gritty’ and ‘honest’ characteristics of their brand—hospitality, friendliness, creativity, humour and a down-to-earth Kiwi-ness would become the brand’s defining qualities.

Building on the huge success of the redeveloped Bluebridge brand, we seized the opportunity to capture the hearts and minds of the family market. Bluebeard and his stinky crew of misfits were created for this reason, but they also served other purposes. As a theme, pirates are not only cool and ‘on brand’ for Bluebridge, but were also able to light-heartedly deal with issues such sea-sickness, rough sailings, and the smelliness of some freight on board.

The kids packs we created are given out free to every child that travels. And this is much more than some bog-standard, expected colouring-in placemat! These unique games, puzzles, activities and other giveaways are have been designed and crafted for the long trip, and have helped transform a dull ferry ride into an awesome, swashbuckling, piratical adventure.

And these aren’t just pirates—this is a set of shipmate characters, whose personalities have shaped their illustrated forms. Stupid jokes, dirty typography and quirky illustrations make for an unrivaled experience for young Bluebridge buccaneers, making the “pirate ships” the ferry of choice! Ahoy!

Co-designers and collaborators:
Illustrations by Teaspoon

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