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Maintaining My Home


Maintaining My Home provides information about common building conditions, their causes and helps you conduct repairs.

Starting life in the 1990's as a printed book, the website helps New Zealand home owners care for their property and keep their biggest single investment in top condition.

Easy to understand categorisations help property owners work out what may be causing a problem, and what the likely repairs would be. Importantly, the website offers advice as to whether they can fix it themselves or if they should contact a professional.

We applied industry standard metadata to promote good SEO, and adhered to industry standard social media meta data for easy sharing on social networks.

An industry specific taxonomy powers look-ahead searching and dynamic linking of like information.



Maintaining My Home is built on the Silverstripe CMS.


Maintaining My Home

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Maintaining My Home

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Maintaining My Home

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Maintaining My Home

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Maintaining My Home

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