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Maintenance Schedule


There are several thousand different building materials available to used in New Zealand construction. So how does a building owner know how to maintain their home and look after their investment?

Using the BRANZ Maintenance Schedule, architects and builders can now create customised maintenance plans for new buildings.

These plans help new building owners understand how to maintain the different materials used in the construction of their building.

The Maintenance Schedule has humble beginnings as an extensive — 15 year old — Excel spreadsheet. Using this data and logic, we designed and developed the building materials database and interactive filtering system.

We also designed and built a step by step tool that guides users through the development of a Maintenance Schedule. Being a Chrometoaster site, we made sure that it looks great whilst being highly usable.

The site requires a My BRANZ membership to access. Users can buy a license from the BRANZ shop to produce a Maintenance Schedule document.



The Maintenance Schedule is built on the SilverStripe CMS.

The Hindley House BRANZ Maintenance Schedule3

BRANZ Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance schedule home2

BRANZ Maintenance Schedule

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