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Commission for Financial Capability

Sorted turned 10 in 2010 with a huge amount of brand awareness and goodwill. 

However, it was time to revitalise and re-align the site with the goals of the Commission for Financial Capability (formerly the Retirement Commission).

Most importantly, the site needed to be the launch pad for the three simple steps for getting your finances sorted—Think, Shrink and Grow.

Building on a concept of ‘journeying to independence’, we created  the ‘Sorted World’. Here, the mouse is your personal guide and tipster, nudging you along on your own journey to financial freedom.

These richly illustrated scenes and the modern web app architecture were designed to forge new relationships with those who needed it most.

Presenting financial calculators in a visually appealing way that did not affect their integrity was the primary visual design challenge. Sorted’s user base dictated that these resources had to be easy to use, despite their inherent complexities.

The site is packed with features such as an in-line ‘help’ system with attractive tooltips; an in-line glossary; additional ‘nudge’ calculations; and a special 'next steps' tab.  The calculators subtly assist users with definitions, explanations and examples often necessary for them to make effective choices.

The new Sorted website is a showcase of robust web technologies and progressive enhancement techniques.

With semantic support for impaired users, web standards compliance and deep cross-browser/device optimisations, we have delivered a fantastic experience to a broad range of users.

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