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UN Youth

UN Youth Association of New Zealand

A striking re-brand and visual identity for UN Youth, the United Nation Youth Association of New Zealand.

When Chrometoaster was approached by UNYANZ (United Nations Youth Association of New Zealand) they clearly had a brand identity crisis. Stuck in acronym hell, this non-government organisation, run by young volunteers, were forever explaining they were ‘no, not like the vegetable’. 

The strategic approach Chrometoaster took in developing the new brand centred on the idea of ‘inspiring global citizens’. This idea, along with some gutsy typography, thought-provoking copy and striking editorial photography (not to mention the common-sense removal of acronyms) provided this group of enthusiastic young people with a brand that accurately positioned them as thought leaders. 

The now appropriate name and powerful brand we created for UN Youth is highly flexible for use online and in print. And they love it.

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