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Level 4 Dominion Building
78 Victoria Street
Wellington 6011
Aotearoa, NZ

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+64 4 472 0570

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Chrometoaster is a digital design and open-source development agency in Wellington, New Zealand and Melbourne, Australia. We create robust online brands, user-centric websites, resources, mobile apps and much more.

Our name, Chrometoaster, is synonymous with 'design'; it's an icon of the industry. A chrome toaster is a beautifully engineered everyday object. It represents a balance of form and function and symbolises our design practice.

At the forefront of creative technology for over two decades, our team of design thinkers has had insight into many industries — though we pride ourselves on approaching each project on its unique merits.

  1. Nina.

    Nina Spence

    Managing Director
    +64 4 471 4070

  2. Dave.

    Dave Turnbull

    Experience Director
    +64 4 471 4071

  3. Richard.

    Richard Krielen

    Financial Director

  4. Robert.

    Robert Whitaker

    Content Design Director

  5. Aaron.

    Aaron McKirdy

    Design Director

  6. Jen lr.

    Jenna Fisher

    Design Director – Melbourne
    +61 456 075 696

  7. Ben lr.

    Ben McKeown

    Creative Director – Melbourne
    +61 456 075 696

  8. Patrick.

    Patrick Tuapola

    Senior Project Manager
    +64 4 471 4075

  9. Inga.

    Inga Boyd

    Digital Producer
    +64 4 471 4072

  10. George.

    George Frost


  11. Dan.

    Dan West

    Senior Front-end Developer

  12. Michal.

    Michal Kleiner

    Senior Developer

  13. Mohamed.

    Mohamed Alsharaf

    Senior Developer

  14. Thomas.

    Thomas Howard

    Back-end Developer/System Administrator