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Ministry of Education

Connected is a series of science education resources for learners aged 7–12, published by the Ministry of Education.

For the 2013 edition, the Ministry was looking for innovation. They wanted to allow people to use the content in their own ways, and to find ways to blend print with digital.

Chrometoaster, partnering with Lift Education, changed the game for Connected—thanks to an innovative use of Google Apps.

First we gave the printed books a full design make-over. Then, using Google Apps, we delivered digital versions of the Connected 2013 books on Google Slides. These have high resolution images, videos and links, and all the images used are available for reuse on Google Drive. This was a first for the Ministry of Education, and even a first for Google. We think that makes it a world first.

All images are Creative Commons licensed for sharing with teachers and students.

Using Google Fonts means teachers can use and reuse the text on the Google Slides stories how they want. Teachers can also download the Teacher support material for the articles and edit these for their own use.

Connected+ 2013 is award winning! It won the Educational Publishing Award for Best Resource in Primary Publishing in November 2014.

"I was delighted tonight to accept the Educational Publishing Award for Best Resource in Primary Publishing for Connected + 2013. The primary category is the most hotly contested category in the awards, and we were up against some strong competition from Macmillan, Clean Slate Press, and Global Education Systems.

"This success is entirely due to your fantastic work as you picked Connected up, took it somewhere new, and also retained its strengths in pedagogy and NZ content. Many thanks to all the work from the Lift and Chrome teams." - Kirsty Farquarson, Senior Manager, Curriculum Teaching and Learning at Ministry of Education of New Zealand.

Projected for classroom use, or read using mobile devices, the science comes to life on Google Slides.

See all the articles online:


‘I Spy …’ (2013), Connected (Level 2)

‘Food for Thought’ (2013), Connected (Level 3)

‘Are You Sure?’ (2013), Connected (Level 4)


‘How Do You Know?” (2014), Connected (Level 2)

‘Why Is That’ (2014) Connected (Level 3)

‘What’s the Evidence’ (2014) Connected (Level 4)

Connected 8

Connected 2013 'I Spy...'

Connected 9

'Take a Closer Look' article on Google Slides, Connected 2013 Level 2

Connected 5


Connected 6


Connected 10


Connected 11


Connected 15


Connected 14


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