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Kiwisaver Fund Finder

Commission for Financial Capability

A user-friendly personalisable tool for comparing KiwiSaver options.

People have big decisions to make about KiwiSaver, and the wrong decision can carry a heavy cost.

The KiwiSaver Fund finder is a simple, fun, and easy to use tool that lets you compare KiwiSaver funds and choose the fund type that best suits you. The bonus is that you can see how your fund is performing and how it stacks up with all the rest.

We worked closely with the Commission for Financial Capability, Financial Advisor Mary Holm, and Melville Jessup Weaver consulting actuaries on this project. Together we created a friendly, helpful, and simple way of comparing KiwiSaver funds, their fees, services offered, and returns.

The New Zealand Herald has a branded version of the Fund finder in the Your Money section.

The KiwiSaver Fund finder is a responsive sub-site of, designed and developed mobile-first.


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fund finder 1

Kiwisaver Fund Finder

fund finder 2

Kiwisaver Fund Finder

fund finder 3

Fund Finder

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Fund Finder

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