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Companies Office and Registers

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

A family of mission-critical, large-scale digital public works designed and engineered to be highly accessible, incredibly fast, secure and robust.

The Companies Office administers the Companies Register and 18 other public registers. Housed across several platforms with outdated and inconsistent interfaces and cluttered and confused navigation, the time had come to re-design and rebuild the entire family of sites on a single unified platform with a highly usable and scalable design system.

We worked with initial requirements, brand elements and high-level wireframes to develop a clear brand hierarchy and a component-based interface that could provide a consistent experience as user moves between registers or intro transactional systems. Behind the scenes, a thorough and flexible content structure and publishing system allows editors to easily produce and manage both register-specific and distributed content such as news, notices, help guides and critical notifications.

Particular attention was given to the search interface which needed to be designed within a number of technical and data constraints. We improved the user experience through a simplified and refreshed design and layout, a vastly more performant interface to the data APIs, the use of using icons to help categorise results, and elegant, deliberate transitions for both desktop and mobile device screen-widths.

All together, we delivered cohesive and clean, modern and professional design, simplified navigation and content structure, and improved page layouts for scannability, all using the latest technology to deliver a robust and smooth browsing experience at scale.


Built on a unique large-scale NZ Government Common Web Platform instance, using multi-site Silverstripe CMS and a number of Register API integrations.

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Help centre

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