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Inclusive Education

Ministry of Education

New Zealand teachers teach kids who have a range of learning abilities, needs and dispositions.

To assist with this huge task we created Inclusive Education, a website that is full of practical strategies, suggestions and resources to support learners with diverse needs.

We worked with the Ministry of Education and CORE Education on this project. We took a massive resource and made it approachable, easy to use and high in value for time-poor teachers.

We wanted the website to be relevant and focused. It needs to support people by fitting in with their information needs.

First up, Chrometoaster interviewed numerous school teachers, students and principals, and we tested our ideas with real users to make sure we had the right structure and language.

The quality of information on this site is a top priority, so we advised and supported content authors to create great content. We also worked with the Ministry to produce a series of high-quality videos that form a critical part of the new site’s message.

Together with Signify Ltd, we built the site on the Common Web Platform using best practice web accessibility techniques.

The website flew through pre-launch user testing. “It’s simple, easy, fun”… “Got really engrossed”… “Really exciting”…”I would use it every day based on the kids in my class”

“Think it’s safe to say, both Chrometoaster and CORE, you’ve met the brief – and probably more!” -Judy Cochrane, Senior Communications Advisor, Ministry of Education.

The project has been a pleasure to work on. We’ve created a site that looks great, and is simple and fun to use. It draws people in with interesting and immediately helpful content.

Built on the NZ Government's Common Web Platform (SilverStripe CMS)


Inclusive Education


Inclusive Education


Inclusive Education


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