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NZ Intellectual Property Office

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

A tool for DIYers and professionals alike — demystifying and guiding people through the process of protecting their IP.

The IPONZ website is NZ's authoritative source of information about Intellectual Property (IP) for businesses and individuals, as well as the starting point to IPONZ's application processes.

The key design problem we faced was a tension between the needs of two different types of user, the first: expert users like IP lawyers who spent their days managing IP on behalf of their clients, the second: business owners and the public who generally over-estimated their own understanding. This gap in understanding led to close to 50% of all trademark applications being rejected, costing both parties substantial time and money.

Our design addressed these issues by giving experts direct access to specialist search, transactional systems and technical information they used every day through a dashboard called "Manager IP" and — for all other users — plain english explanations of the IP types backed up by just-in-time checks on the user's understanding to support their decisions.

In 2018 IPONZ began a major new campaign to grow public knowledge and usage of intellectual property. Alongside this campaign we refreshed the website design, establishing new design patterns to support and extend that campaign digitally.

The site demystifies IP, supports the user in achieving their goals and presents relevant content beautifully and simply — changing what could be a dry, text-heavy and technical site into an accessible, elegant and engaging one. The business is already seeing the difference too — getting positive feedback from their harshest critics: New Zealand's IP experts, whilst experiencing a decrease in problems with applications.


Built on the NZ Government's Common Web Platform (SilverStripe CMS)

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